Health and Fitness

Michelle Obama is Showing Us How It’s Done with this Fitness Video!

I swear, this woman continues to awe me. Look at what she can do!

I love that (like me) she’s speaking up about eating healthy foods and staying in good physical shape. Both thing really do go together. If just 50% of black women took this seriously, it would be game changing.

I’m not a big fan of circuit training, because my lower back and knees hate me for it. I maintain my shape with 3 hours a week of advanced yoga, plus pilates and light weights on other days. I grow my own food and prepare healthful meals from food harvested from the source, and I’m proud to announce this photo was taken 14 days ago.



My garden…



I feel privileged that I share the same values on this as our incredible first lady! Deciding to get your body right is a big commitment, and that’s really 90% of it–your commitment to see it through.

Are you ready to be part of the game changing effort? What changes can you make this week to make it happen?

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