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My Progress With the CLICK Challenge, Plus Vanilla Latte How-To Vid!

So just to keep things on the up-and-up, I’m holding myself accountable in this CLICK challenge, even though I’m not competing. I’m working out every other day, because I’ve decided that doing so everyday may cause me to slip into a coma. These days I’ve been doing some pretty intense yoga and honestly, it’s consistently the best to shape my body the way I like it–long and lean without losing the curves.

I can have this:


…and still keep (and GREATLY) improve this:


I’m also doing some more experimenting with combinations of CLICK’s new flavor, Vanilla Latte, wanna see it? Here it goes:

You know what the weird news is? I haven’t lost a pound. In fact, I’ve gained weight. BUT! It’s muscle, and muscle weigh more than fat. So here’s my recommendation: Stop looking at the scale. Gauge your new hot-body-ness based on how your clothes fit and your dress size. According to medical charts, I’m considered “borderline” overweight. Go figure. Pun intended.

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