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New POF Survey Supports What I’ve Been Saying: Where You Live Can Determine Your Love-Life Success

If you live in California, turns out that living near the water gives you better relationship prospects than living inland, according to a survey by POF.com. As a California native myself, this make a lot of sense. The inland areas of California are more more affordable and therefore more suburban, which is appealing to married couples and families. Living near the water probably means your renting or maybe own a condo unless you’re rich as hell. And because of the beautiful oceanfront and mild weather companies that hire all those single people set up shop in places like El Segundo, Irvine, and Newport Beach and up north in San Francisco. And since there’s so many companies hiring, there’s tons of schools training even more singles for the next generation of worker bees. Combine the water, weather, jobs, schools and singles and you have a winning recipe for relationship prospect success.


And like I’ve been saying since beginning, not all regions in the U.S. are created equal when it comes to swirling. Me and my co-author thought this issue was so important that we dedicated a whole chapter in Swirling on the subject.

Here’s a winning equation that works 95% of the time:

Good Schools + Coveted Real Estate + Thriving Business Districts = Swiring Success. Whether or not you live near the beach or not, if you follow that formula as closely as you can for your region of the U.S., you’ll up your dating and mating choices exponentially. This even goes for men and women who aren’t necessarily degreed–you’re still in the right place if you’re around all that hustle and bustle, chico and chica. No excuses–virtually every state in the country has at least one region that meets all or most of this criteria.

If you don’t live in such an area and your single and childless, my recommendation is that your move. What do you have to lose? You’re not just moving for love or the potential for love, but you’re moving to a more area more populated with single, educated and upwardly mobile adults so you’ll make friend too. Your job prospects are better because of the thriving business and education institutions so you really can’t go wrong.

And as always, if you’re living in a swirl desert, your best bet is online dating.

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