Oh Canada! New Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is Smokin’!!!

So Canada just got really lucky….at least from an aesthetics standpoint, and the recent election of the big ball of hotness that is Justin Trudeau may be just the push I need to get up north to visit the place that I lovingly call, “America Junior.”

Okay so ‘who dis?’

He’s the second youngest prime minister in Canada, is a liberal, and has a tattoo. LORDT! Why is this man so fine?! That’s got to be some sort of national and political distraction. How will laws pass when all you can think about his how this guy looks like naked?!


Uhm…can you work and earn our trust without your shirt and jacket on, sir? That would be optimal. Just saying. I’d totally be inspired to learn about Canadian…stuff…

Again, let’s take a break and reflect:

OTTAWA, ON:  NOVEMBER 30, 2011  -- Justin Trudeau shows off his Movember moustache in Ottawa, November 30, 2011.  (Jean Levac / Ottawa Citizen)   For Michel Den Tandt (Postmedia News).  0818-dentandt-trudeau


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