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On Vetting: Beware of “I Can’t Find a Black Woman!” Men. They’re Full of It.

I’ve written about this before, but recent events make it necessary to revisit the con game men play to illicit pity and activate the nurturing instinct in women when they says they want a [in this case, black] woman, but can’t seem to find one. The red flag goes up when these men are good looking and accomplished, because knowing what I know, there’s absolutely no dearth of quality black women who are looking for such men.

This is a typical tactic that’s been used by “special snowflake” black men who know they’ve got something going for themselves. 1) They activate the gassing: “I think black women are the most beautiful of all creatures! The only woman for me is a black one!! 2) They attempt to manipulate you through pity: “I love them, yet I can’t seem to find the right one!” 3) They sit back and watch, exploit and relish how you start jumping through hoops to be “the one who is special enough” to be his one and only. Rinse and repeat with another woman, sometimes simultaneously.

I’m finding that non-black men who are hip to the dating imbalances happening in the black community are taking a cue from the “IBM Player Pages” and are attempting to built a harem of women who are willing to fight over them. A similar incident happened with a guy I introduced to five amazing black women only for him to jerk one girl in particular around and tell her to her face how he’s not ready to be in a relationship because, “Lots of women want to be with me.”

Dude, phuck you.

This is the same kind of mess black women have been dealing with with for decades now, and you wanna roll in my space so you can be some fresh hell for an unsuspecting black woman who thought you were serious?! No. When I texted this man about his shenanigans to tell him I was disappointed in him, all I got was crickets. So be it. I’ll take it to the streets.




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