Guests of the Inner Sanctum

Oneika’s Travels: Her and Her Rainbeau in Turkey!

Oneika Raymond “Oneika the Traveller

I am a travel junkie; my passport is always at the ready. Thankfully, my rain-beau man is, too. We share a passion for travel, and are always looking for the next destination to discover. I guess you could say we took it “global” right from the start: he’s German, I’m Canadian, and we met in Hong Kong! Anyway, here is a short clip from a trip to Istanbul, Turkey we took a few months ago. Our time there was brief, but I think that Turkey is an absolutely fabulous country and I can’t wait to go back! That trip might have to wait awhile though- me and my darling Liebling (my nickname for my boyfriend) are headed to Bali the day after tomorrow!

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