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QOTW: Do Rainbeaus Have to Listen to Rap to Attract Black Women?

The Question:

Hey Chris,

I was just thinking about this, since I see you were doing a video about dating once again, and it got me thinking. Yes, I started think about the days when we were young and in the dating world. And I realized something that I have never heard you talk about. I am kinda shocked you never approached this topic, or bring it up. Its so blatantly obvious…

Here goes….now lets say I am a white guy, and I am checking out this hot black chick that I finally got the nerve to approach, and ask her out. And so they set a date to go out. So what does the guy do? Well he piles on all the R&B, rap, hip-hop songs in the car. (Not Sade, because this guy is trying too hard…)

Even though he is probably a guy that feels more comfortable listening to Metallica, or Depeche Mode, or something else….or even Country. My point is, that a lot of white guys feel that in order to date a black woman that they got to play the role. Like yeah, I am down with Biggie and Tupac, and Cypress Hill, and Drake, and Rihanna….even though he don’t even know any of their songs…!!! But I think a lot of guys, do this instead of just be who you are…and its just trying too hard. Maybe she might be able to listen to some Metallica songs, (not all of them are hard), or Depeche Mode. Depeche mode, is not hard, more easier to listen to. If she were from somewhere like Texas, they might find common ground with country music. But I know a lot of guys, that still to this day….TRY waaayyyy too hard….

So what do you think?

Here’s what I think:

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