QOTW: “How Do I Stop Believing I’m Undesirable?”

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So, a brief description of myself. I am a young black woman, 21, in college and due to graduate soon. I have always known that I was more attracted to other races than my own, and I never found anything wrong with that. But, for a long time I did struggle with the whole “I’m not white or light skinned. Therefore, I’m not pretty”. Eventually though, I did find myself overcoming it. Slowly. I was begging to realize that I and black woman are beautiful.

But, then, one day I read a comment about a dating site where a white man said how he was only looking for white women, but Asian and black women kept flocking to him. He said somethings about asian woman, but then things he said about black women were so degrading. for example: all 60 pounds over weight, asses in the camera, not classy at all, no education, no direction, and 3 kids before the age of 23. Just no on so many levels… This was a thread that was posted only about a year ago. For some reason, it just brought be back to this place of doubt and feeling like I will never be pretty enough to attract the kind of man I am attracted to, just because I am a dark skinned woman. I’m young, yet its a rut that I find myself in again and again, I just dont know how to deal with it.

Society is continuously telling me that I’m not pretty. I’m too dark, too curvy, I don’t have straight hair and what not. I’ve seen some articles about how apparently black men dont even want black women, and while its not that I believe all these things because I dont. But after constantly hearing and seeing such negative things about black women, it becomes such a struggle to be confident about anything. I know I cant be alone on this.

What are you thoughts on this matter and things like this?

Here’s my take…

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