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QOTW: Twenty-Something I.T. Girl’s Swirling Woes in New York

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Got this message today from a fan…

Here is my question for you and your readers. I am a 22 black female from the suburbs of New York who just graduated college and it working full time in the IT field. I have been trying to find a serious relationship for the past few years with white men but all of them have gotten to the point of no where. I have tried online dating like pof and even but most of the guys have all wanted to have one night stands or a friends with benefits even though it clearly stated on their profile they were looking for a relationships. I am often told that I should just have “fun” and not think of having a monogamous relationship. I was not raised that way. I was always told that if he’s not willing to make you his gf then why even bother sharing your body with a man who doesn’t see your worth. Due to my constant failure, I’m beginning to wonder if I should plan to leave NY or maybe there’s something wrong with me. I do not present myself in sexual manner to these men but they all seem to just go straight to sex regardless. What I am wondering if to any of your reader who are men and women in NY, how do they and where do they go to potentially meet someone?

Here’s my take…


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