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Question of the Week: “Had a Good Date, Why Hasn’t He Asked Me Out Again?”

Hello there Miss Chris. How are you? It’s R. Kamaria. So you wanted me to tell you about my date on Friday. [Chris here. Remember that post? The 300+ one with Jordan Harbinger in it?]

The date itself was lovely. He was nice, handsome and generous. We shared laughs and a nice bottle of Bordeaux and coconut shrimp. And despite showing up 17 minutes late he made up for it with profuse apologies and a promise to make it up to me. He was “gentlemanly” and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. I think that’s traditionally for most European men – he was born and raised in Tuscany and Florence.

At first we were giggly with nervousness and once I gave him a compliment on how handsome he was, he seemed to relax and started asking me questions. We met online on He asked me about my experiences on the site only because he wanted to share his dating horror stories. I didn’t divulge into my dating history but he sure did want to tell me how mean American women have treated him.

I thought it was a little TMI but I don’t think he meant any harm. As the date progressed, we chatted about traveling, life in cold ass Michigan and other generic date topics.

On a scale of 1-10, I give the date a 7. While I thought we had a lovely time, I don’t get why he didn’t ask me out again. I know it was Friday but geez. If a guy is into you, then should he ask you out again within a day or two, right? I’m not the type to call after a date. I think the rule is you’re supposed to wait on the guy, right?

Well I’m following “The Rules. We shall see if I get asked out again. I assume he liked me. His text – yes unfortunately text – message read : “I had fun, you’re so nice and I enjoyed very much your company J Buona notte.”

Sounds like I’m in the friend zone once again. Was I supposed to kiss him at the end of the date? In Italy, do women ask the guy out for the second date? Lol. Whatever. Moving on….

Hmm…Rasheda, sorry this date didn’t work out how you’d hoped. My first thought is that he could be a serial internet dater. I mean, he’s basically wanting to swap gossip about which one of you has had a worse online dating experience, like you’re two hens clucking in a coop. Mr. Euro referencing how us mean ‘ole American girls have treated him has a whiff of ex-girlfriend funk to it, too. If not an ex, perhaps a girl who burned him that he has not yet gotten over? *scratching not-so-imaginary beard; where the heck are my tweezers?*

And you were right not to kiss him on the first date. I don’t care if he is a foreigner, the most he should get to two peck kisses and a finger snap if he’s naaa-staaay.

What say you, BB&W crew? R. Kamaria is one of our own, so I’ll be giving out extra credit cool points.

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