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Question of the Week: “Why Are More West Indian and African Women Open to Interracial Marriage?”

Hi Christelyn K.,
I hope all is well with you and the family. All is well with me. I really
thought of this question as I was watching the wedding nouveau blog. As I
watched it I realized that West Indian and African women are more open to
interracial marriage. Something which has even been mentioned on the blog
that, most of the black women white men date happen to be from this part of
the world. What seem to be driving this thinking that many black women
there have versus the black women which I heard on the interview you did on
the radio station have? I am from the Caribbean, 24 years old and I have
always thought white guys attractive. Whether from watching tv, it was
somethng different because at that time in Trinidad, where I am from,
white people were few. My perception of them was on tv and little in
person. Now that I live here, it has not changed I am attracted to guys my
complexion or white guys, hardly in between. I am anxious to know what you
think and others to. It is a conversation I really would like to know what
is their thinking across the coast to maybe inspire this side. Have a good



Call me crazy, N, but I’ve noticed this too. I’ll let the others chime in of course, but my initial, (un) educated guess is that aside from South Africa, modern-day African women aren’t constantly bombarded with guilt about “slave master love” like American black women are. They are shackled (pun intended) with the worry of being made to feel like a traitor for loving a white person. Of course, Africa is not a country, but a continent, so results may vary.

What say all of you?

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