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Question of the Week: “Why do Black Men Say No Rainbeau Will Ever Want Me?”

I got this note from Krystal, my new Facebook friend. I want you to take special attention to what I highlight in bold, because that’s where I’ll dissect this:

Thanks for friending me. I love your blog as well as your posts on Madame Noire. I wanted to get your advice on something given that you are in a interracial relationship. Every Time I got to a black website where there is an article regarding handsome non-black men or BW/WM relationships or what have you. And you see the comments below the article and there is always some guy saying white men don’t want black women, they would never date you, yada yada yada, black women are the bottom of the global totem pole.. Why do you think that is? I am really attracted to all types of men and am trying to lose weight to make my self more confident and put myself out there to meet different types of guys. I shouldn’t let this stuff get to me, but why do feel so strong about women that you have nothing to do with? Just because were all black doesn’t mean were all brothers and sisters. I guess it’s just ignorance. Just curious to know how you felt.

Okay Krystal, let’s delve into the flaming, stinking dog shite some negro trolls like to put out there to discourage black women from even ADMIRING someone who isn’t black. Here’s the truth: THEY ARE SCARED, shivering in their timbers. It’s similar to what mental and physical abusers do out of insecurity in order to keep control of who they believe in their heart that they OWN. Own. As in, property. Like a dog.

Saying things like, “No one will ever want you because you’re xyz,” is meant to break you down, lower your self esteem and make you believe that you don’t deserve any better than what you get, which is scraps, because after all, black women are so disgusting that even black men don’t want them, right? It’s a method of control, a cruel trick borne out of the man-children who are TERRIFIED that their meal tickets, punching bags, and sperm receptacles may actually take the Matrix Red Pill and wake the cuss up.

And then to your second comment, you should really check out Halima and Evia’s latest posts, here and here.

I thought I was done. THEN! I got wind of this stinking pile of poo from another FB friend:

And this is breaking the spirit of another girl, who said this:

I’ve been really thinking about the why people are so worried and caught up with the way other people live their lives. Growing up i’ve always been a different type of girl from an early age. My mother has always and somewhat had an issue with it. Im 23 now and just learned to accept this is the way god made me. But sometimes it gets hard to shake off what others think and say. I never understood why (some not all) people in the black community believe : “if your black you have to only date this kind of person, listen to this kind of music, and do only whats in the norm” . they don’t have to say it because the look is in their eyes; and in their snide remarks when they see an interracial couple or a black girl who’s alternative, punk, hippie, short, tall, light, dark, gay (you get my point). I try not to let this get my spirits down but when i see [the video above]

It makes me take a deep sigh and say “if im not allowed to be who i was born to be now..then who the hell am i supposed to be?” I’m a type of person that can’t force myself to do anything just to make someone else happy. this is part of the reasons why my mother and i do not get along. shes an extremist who thinks like Jill Scott. I don’t care what people do, its none of my business but when i’m judged for something that has NOTHING to do with something else it insults me.

The “Sell Out Diaries” my brown patooty! I wouldn’t touch the guy in the video with a 100-foot pole, and if that means I hate black men, then think what you think, dummy. What ego! If you don’t ONLY date black men, that means you HATE them? But I gotta say, doing interviews like this doesn’t make you sexier, MR. ARBITOR OF ALL THINGS DARK & LOVELY!!!

Why do some black people feel they have to FORCE every black person into their dysfunctional crabs-in-a-barrel groupthink? Between the gang rape, NAACP and this, ya’ll Guardians of All Things Dark & Lovely are getting on my day-um nerves.

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