RANT: Now Black Women Married to White Men Do So to Fulfill ‘Slave Fantasies?!”

Chalk this under the most ridiculous and ass-backwards notion the anti-swirling activists have concocted thus far–black women in interracial relationships with white men wear their natural hair because their racist partners and/or husbands want to relive slave fantasies.

Yes. Really.

Never mind that in the nascent years of the Natural Hair Movement was so scoffed by the black collective, and it was more readily accepted by non-whites. Never mind that it was black-owned hair salons that dismissed the idea that black women would would give up their “creamy crack” addictions for more economical and time-saving alternatives. Never mind that research shows chemical straighteners are linked to higher incidence of cancer and fibroid tumors in black women. Never mind that natural hair care products catering to black women have created a host of wealthy blacks–especially women.

Nope. None of that matters. Apparently the only reason black women in interracial relationships wear their hair natural is because our partners want to live out their depraved slave fantasies. AND!!! Actually wearing wigs and weaves is REVOLUTIONARY!!! Wow. The pathology of such rationalizations are so beyond absurd. Let’s not forget the multitudes of black men who demanded they’re girlfriends keep their perms and weaves because they couldn’t stand to see their female reflection.

Speaking personally, my husband supported my my decision to go natural because not only did I have to travel an hour to a black hairdresser that knew how to press and curl my long hair without finding reasons to cut it all off, I’d often wait for my double and triple booked appointment for up to 7 hours. And complain? You’d better not. After all, the hairdresser is doing you a favor, riiiight?

Well, if wearing my natural hair makes me a bed wench to some, so be it. It’s a group of diseased, pathological minds that I want absolutely NOTHING to do with.

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