Repossessing ‘Half Breed’: The Multi-Ethnic Movement

We talk a lot about swirling here, but not always enough about the products of those swirly unions. As interracial marriage and acceptance of such relationships continues, so will the bi-racial, multi-ethnic children populate the earth and bring the H.G. Wells prophecy to fruition. Enter Rudy Tabasa–a self-proclaimed “half breed,” Filipino and African American–and the movement to reclaim what some consider a derogatory term, “HalfBreed.” His mantra is “RepYoSelf” which is a cool way of owning and embracing who you are and ALL THAT YOU ARE.

Rudy Tabasa, HalfBreed founder

Representing your heritage has become the next big thing, and Hollywood-types and readily embraced this concept and is catching on fast.

Yes, indeed-y. That’s Tom Sizemore. Repping himself.


HalfBreed founder, Rudy Tabasa and Mary J.

As a mother of multiracial children, I took offense at a certain black-woman-hating YouTube whack job calling my children “half breeds.” That is, until I met Rudy and heard the mindset behind mixed race people embracing such a name. In short, it transfers the power to the folks who reclaim the term, and now use it as a source of pride. In a feature published in Hollywood Weekly, Rudy talks about how he was poked fun of because he was mixed and decided to label himself ‘HalfBreed’ and it “took the pain away from being rejected.”

HalfBreed the company started almost by accident. He just made a shirt for himself (because that was his nickname), and then suddenly people stopped as asked, “Hey! I’m mixed! Where’d you get that shirt?!” Ta-da! HalfBreed Co. was born.

And while I’m not “mixed”  (just a “regla” black gurl ;-)I certainly support folks repping themselves, and how HalfBreed supports mixed race, multi ethnic, interracial, biracial and multiracial relationships.

Viva HalfBreed!

Rudy has recently debuted the “M.E.” line (Multi Ethnic) for folk who want to rep their individual ethnicities. French? Russian? German? African? All of the above? Then you’ll like this.

Like what you see? Like HalfBreed on Facebook, and pick up a few t-shirts while you’re at it. And if you happen to be in the San Francisco area on October 13, you need to come see me, Rudy, Dee Dee Russell (Black Women With Other Brothers) and a line of up comedians for a fun, funny, fun-filled (did I mention fun?) at 111 Minna Gallery.

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