In Season in the “Beauty Garden,” Sweet Peppers (Container Friendly)

I’m so excited that I’ve FINALLY gotten good yields from my bell peppers! There’s nothing quite like a ripe, juicy sweet pepper plucked right from the garden. I decided that peppers were a must-have in my summer garden because it is a high-yeild plant. I don’t have a lot of room and real estate in my container garden is limited.

Just about all my peppers are grown in pots, because like tomatoes and cucumbers, they can happily grow on any sunny patio. If you opt for containers, pick one at least eight inches deep and 16 inches wide. Pepper like moist soil so don’t allow dirt to dry out between waterings. Fertilize with organic fertilizer once a month. They’re heavy feeders.

PicMonkey Collage

Sweet peppers are low calorie and PACKED with nutrients. One pepper gives you all the recommended Vitamin C required per day, and also contains Vitamin A, B6, and is a good source of fiber, so it helps keep you feeling full.

I’m really excited that my “garden of youth” expedient seems to be working. Seven days until the big 4-1 and my skin looks like this with no filter or fancy editing software. I attribute my clear skin, even skin tone and bright eyes to the detoxifying effects of all the veggies I’m consuming.


Daily yields look about like this amount:


Of course my harvest basket varies from day to day. Sometimes there’s lot of zucchini, another when eggplant is ready…you get the idea.

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