SirLoin’s Babe Wednesday: Body Art

You think I am talking about ink.  Nope.  No tattoos here. Plenty of paint however.

Since ancient times man has been adorning the human body in various way.  This of course includes the addition of pigments to enhance an admittedly already lovely canvas.

So sit back and enjoy this week’s offering of painted ladies and then take a moment to think of the guy who spent countless hours applying paint just so to these beautiful women.  We should all be so lucky.

tumblr_lbs6op9UQC1qa13pro1_500tumblr_mlnqu9rAch1qeg3q3o1_1280images01Guido-Daniele-Body-Painting-flowersGuido-Daniele-African-Body-ArtGuido Daniele Body ArtGuido Daniele Body painting 1Bra Body Painting Design - 1Burning-Man-2008-Body-painting-art-of-girls-and-women-next-to-center-campc48ca30dca251ca5aef951361bd2c414Carnaval-Rio-ebony-2013-hot-samba-dance-Braziliencele se DEZBRACA-hd-hq
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