SirLoins Babe Wenesday: Super She/ros

This week we shift direction in a big way to give a gander at some really super babes.

What follows is a small sample of some really kick ass ladies doing battle with the evil forces that threaten us all.


First up is DC comic’s Bumblebee.  Real name Karen Beecher-Duncan Research Engineer from San Francisco.  Her powers are all in the suit she designed.  These includes but not limited to Solar-powered antennae in a cybernetic helmet that creates electrical stings emitted through quartz prism eyepieces.  This character first made her appearance in the late 1970’s in DC’s Teen Titansbumblebee1bumblebee

Rocket.  An outspoken teen aged Mom, the first in a comic book by the way and partner to the character Icon. Rocket over came a troubled start in life. The character appears in the late 1990 in DC comics’s ICON  series.
All of Rocket’s superhuman powers derive from the inertia winder installed in her belt buckle thus allowing her to fly among other things.




Vixien. Real name Mari Jiwe McCabe is an adventurer who appeared in DC’s Action Comics in 1081.  The character grew up in Africa.  Following the murder of her father at the hands of his brother Vixien escapes ti the U.S. finding sucess in the fashion industry.  She avengers her father and recovers the Mystical Tantu possession of which resulted in her father’s death and gives her the abilities of one animal at a time



Misty Knight arrived on the scene in  Marvel Comics Marvel Universe in the mid 1970’s.  A former NYPD police officer wounded in the line of duty. Refusing a desk job following the loss of her right arm she resigns the force.  Fitted with a Bionic arm she obtains superhuman strength. She is highly skilled in martial arts, hand to hand combat with police combat training. A skilled marksman, superior detective with the ability to crush steel in her vice like grip.






Jet is a character created by DC Comics. She first appeared in  Millenniun #2 in the late 1980’s. Real name Celia Windward she is a young Jamaican woman living in Great Britian.  Jet possess the power to control various forms of electromagnetic energy such as microwaves.  For example she possess the ability to fly riding the electromagnetic field surrounding the earth.





We admit these snippets do not do justice telling the stories of each of these fascinating women. There is so much more to learn and so many more wonderful characters and their stories to enjoy.


Until next week.






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