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Sophia A. Nelson Talked Me Off the Ledge!!!

Sophia A. Nelson, author of Black Woman, Redefined, is also a member of the No Wedding No Womb!â„¢ advisory board, and I’m glad of it, because she talked me off the “Long Walk Off the Short Pier” when the fit hit the sham with the #NWNW Twitter hashtag and all its accoutrements went completely nuts (you know who you are, you bloggers drunk and stupified off your high dosages of Haterade). I won’t go into the details of the sacred Black Woman, Redefined secret she told me, because..that’s a secret. Despite my easy-breezy persona, I’m not impervious to insults about my family (especially my husband and kids) and that crap hurts. Mean people suck the big cheese! But what she told me made me feel better. Wanna know some of what she said? Click here: Sophia on NWNW.

Never mind that male black leaders can be married interracially all the day long: Quincy Jones, Harry Belefonte, Frederick Douglass, and even the great Martin Luther King was rumored to be in love with a white woman. Oh sorry; men don’t count. They can do whatever they want. My bad. I guess I should just shut up and stop now.

Psyche!!! You’ll have to do better, haters and Protectors of All Things Dark and Lovely.

Don’t know if you’ve listened to the other interviews with me and Sophia, but apparently someone is “listening.” Check out this post on Sophia and her on-again-off-again “Antonio” she also mentions black women and interracial dating in this post; which is probably where the author of the following blog bootlegged the info: “Black Women Weigh Pros and Cons of Interracial Dating.

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