Square Foot Gardening Tool to Help You Get The Most Yields


After an unusually cold and dark winter, my sad little garden is showing signs of life. February starts the planting season in Southern California, so it’s time to set the seeds. But…I’m terrible with measuring and spacial stuff. So I’m using a square foot gardening tool that pretty much does all the thinking for me. I just smooth my compost, potting soil, and organic fertilizer mix into a smooth, flat surface and place the stamp and insert the seeds according to the directions.


As you can see from the photo, I’m trying to make enough room to grow purple and red carrots, and some mustard greens (these are for a friend. I don’t really like mustard greens). The small holes you see are my imprint guide for planting.


How it works:

The Garden Stamp is a one foot square, pegged garden tool with a generous handle. It imprints a distinct pattern in soft soil, making it easier to plant vegetable, herb and flower seeds with consistent spacing.

It also includes a planting guide for how to use the stamp to plant the most common vegetable seeds.

planting guide2


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