Gender Conflict

And This is Why We Still Talk About Black Men On Beyond Black & White.

People often wonder why this site sometimes discusses the relationships black men have with black women. The criticism is often, “If you’ve moved on with your white boy, why you still talking about black men?”

I’ll give you a definitive reason right now. If what some black men do negatively affects black women, whom I am an unapologetic advocate for, then the issue will be discussed. If what black men do hurts the psyches of black women that cause them to hate their very existence then it will be discussed. If the black community will continue to be in denial about how colorism is used as a hierarchy that marginalizes darker skinned black women, then it will be discussed. If the black community continues to outright dismiss the pain so many of us still endure, then it will be discussed.

And when I see shit like this, you best believe, it will be discussed.

Oh, and one last thing. As long as quality black women continue to believe that the only options they have are men who think these things about them, then black men WILL be discussed on Beyond Black & White.

DISCLAIMER FOR THE DULL-WITTED: Yes, the publisher of this blog knows personally and understands that this is not all black men. And yes, the publisher knows that there are “good” black men out there. But these men up yonder are the GAT-DL’s representatives in the media, and THEY are speaking for YOU.

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