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Swirl Watch: Another Successful Rainbeau Dating a Light-Skinned Black Woman!

Did I say that? Oh; sorry. I meant, “Another Successful Rainbeau Dating a CHOCOLATE SISTA!”

Who was that guy a few posts back who said no white men want dark-skinned women? There’s only the rare exception? How many more rare exceptions for people to recognize A TREND? Meh. Whatever. They look cute, but he’s a whole person taller than her. How’s that work out in the “missionary position?” Is she staring at his belly button the whole time? Just wondering.

The bloggers over at Full Court Pumps posed an in-ter-est-ing question, though.

There’s always the discussion of successful black men choosing light skin/white girls and the African-American women seem to always voice their opinion on this topic. Does it work the other way around? Are white women hating on Jessica for pulling Dirk?

This is just a guess, but…I doubt it. There’s no shortage of white dudes who love their women. There’s enough all the way around. Share, BECKY! SHARE!!!

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