Make Up

The BEST Eyebrows of Your Life! Morphe Slays It with a $14.99 Palette!

I’ve been attending makeup shows for years, and just about every company has an eyebrow shaping kit, and the range can be as little as $30 and as much as $90. But the kit I’m loving the most these days is BROW8 – BROW PALETTE from Morphe Brushes, priced at only $14.99.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 9.55.13 AM

The palette comes with variable shading to give a more natural look, and has a setting wax and contour cream to give a clean edge at the brow bone.



Two absolutely essential brushes you need to create this look is an angled brush and a flat brush to edge up the bottom with concealer.






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