The Final Results– 3 week Sugar Cleanse

It’s the weekend baby and my celebrity crush, Michael Fassbender ,has a new movie out.. I must make some time to go see it. Ok enough of my gushing…


So guys my 21 day sugar cleanse has come to an end and I am 10lbs lighter, I have more energy and I cannot tolerate the taste of artificial sugar. I can’t eat candy unless it is dark chocolate and I can’t drink sodas–which I couldn’t any way– or teas like Snapples. I am very happy with the results.


I have figured out ways to have my cake and eat it too. Well instead of cookies, cakes and candy I now eat strawberries, almond butter–or peanut butter– and dark chocolate for treats on the same plate. It is soooo yummy…



My breakfast is jammed packed with yummy things like Migas–a Mexican breakfast snack that consists of an egg omelet (onion, cilantro, jalapeños, tomatoes, turkey bacon, and corn tortilla, topped with homemade salsa.




Or quinoa pudding–my take on coconut rice pudding– topped with pecans, cherries and berries.



And my lunch have become a tasty mouth explosion.. My fave dish to make was Red Lentil Burgers..



I have learned so much that I plan to keep up and if you are looking to make some health changes in your life then I would suggest you go over to Jen Fugo’s Gluten Free School and sign up.


You will find a lot of free information on the site and the next sugar cleanse course will be in 3 months. It is well worth it. It was difficult at times but we all know that when one is determined, one can accomplish anything. I did. I am even giving up meat since I cannot even tolerate eating it any longer. My body has been fully cleansed and it is happy. I will start up another  1 week cleanse next week  to make sure I have flushed my system.


So without further ado here are the results

Bloody hell, look how tiny my waist is!! Ahhh it feels good to feel good I tell you.

Have a great weekend folks! And please, take control of your life and health. I am now on a quest to lose another 20lbs. I will keep you all posted on that front.



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