Tika Sumpter Give Subtle Shade to Colorist Black Community

Actress, mother and interracially-married wife, Tika Sumpter gave some serious shade in between the lines when she was interviewed by Madame Noire to promote her upcoming movie, Nobody’s Fool.

She mentions that she wants to keep photos of her daughter private, which is understandable because of all the hate black women of a certain hue get being interracially paired. Speaking of, Tika almost-but-not-quite alludes to the dismay she feels that people online chastise black women–especially brown girls–about finding love interracially. While she doesn’t come right out and say it, we all know what she means: dark-skinned women in the black community are regularly passed over in the sickening and persistent colorism they experience. But the same people who deem us “less than” are the same ones to criticize us for escaping the torment of never being worthy and finding men of other races who think differently. It’s almost as if they cry foul because we have checked out of being available to kick around.

How sick is that?

You see the same thing with Serena Williams and Alex Ohanian. How many black men did Serena date that didn’t wife her up? How many black people said she looked like a man; a gorilla? But these same people turn around and complain that “the best of the best” black women are being poached by white men, but won’t self-reflect about what those reasons might be.

Why on earth would any woman who is being treated less than in her community remain when she is made aware that quality men of other races will love, cherish and MARRY them? What is that even about? “Hey! White boy! You’re not allowed to marry this dark-skinned black woman because she needs to stick around so we can remind her how worthless she is!!” 

Tika will also not hesitate when folks come after her husband.

Seriously. What is up with this anger at more dark-skinned black women finding love and marriage from men who deem them worthy? Where were all the marriage proposals from successful black men when Tika was single?!

Just like Afghanistan. Just like Pakistan. They call it Blackistan for a reason. You’re not going to be special because you stay behind. Just bitter that you didn’t catch on sooner.

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