Why Tomatoes Should Be Growing in Your Garden and Eaten on Your Plate this Summer


Just picked from the garden!

Tomatoes are by for the most popular plant purchased in the summer, and with good reason–tomatoes are easy to grow and prolific fruit producers. Tomatoes are also versatile in the kitchen. You can make sauces, dry them and store them in jars full of olive oil and Italian herbs, chop them up in a salad or juice them. Tomatoes are EXCELLENT bases for vegetable juice. Here’s what I made just today with my first big harvest… tomato sauce

Health Benefits:

Tomatoes are loaded with Vitamins! Vitamin C, biotin, Vitamin K, folate, B vitamins and more. They also contain lyopene, a powerful antioxidant.

How to Grow It

Tomatoes are not that complicated and will grow just about anywhere if the conditions are right. They need rich soil, moderate water, and lots of sunshine. They can grow in both a medium and large pot and in the ground. It’s too late in the season to plant them from seed, but garden centers have tons of plants for relatively cheap.

Here’s more:

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