The Ultimate Touché: Blogger Lists Reasons To Date White Men in Response to Ice’s Ode to White Girls!

It’s rare that I come upon a post that is just so delicious and well-suited for this blog that my fingers literally itch to cut and paste. This is one of those times. Thanks to BB&W Crew members, Kia and Brenda55, you are about to feast your eyes on the ultimate touché–a list of reasons why black women should date white men.

First let’s take a look at what inspired this post in the first place.

This, copied from the blog, In Flex We Trust:

Guest Blog: Officially Ice’s 10 Reasons Black Guys Prefer White Girls

07.25.12 | 77 Comments | Marisa Mendez

And when he get on, he leave ya ass for a white girl. -Kanye West (who’s current girlfriend is Kim Kardashian)

The white girl topic is like the elephant in the room right now. Everyone sees it, but no one wants to acknowledge it. Well, since today is #WhiteGirlWednesday, I said why not acknowledge said elephant. So after the jump, here’s 10 reasons black men prefer white girls (if you’re offended, f#ck you and your feelings).

Officially Ice
10. White girls can get their hair wet. It’s summer time. Who wants to be at the pool with a girl who’ only concern is not getting her weave wet. White girls just jump in the pool without any care.

09. White girls don’t talk back. Put a little aggression in your voice and she will do whatever you say. That doesn’t fly with other races though. They wanna fight. Always.

08. It’ easier introducing them to your family/friends. “Everyone, this is Amber.” is WAY easier on the ears than, “Everyone, this is Shaniqua. Just saying.

07. White girls have WAY less restrictions in the bedroom than œother races. You can basically do whatever, wherever with them. And they’ll smile through it all.

06. White girls aren’t looking to be in a rap video. Meaning when y’all go out, she’s not looking for you to buy out the bar and light the club up with sparklers. She doesn’t care about any of that shit. She just wants her drinks and music.

05. White girls have no problem spoiling their men with gifts. The LOVE that shit! It’s an ego boost for them. (See Kim Kardashian’s birthday present to Kanye? Ok then.)

04. White girls don’t give you as many headaches as other races. There’s no nagging, complaining, and other annoying ass behavior. No running through your phone and wanting to know who such and such is.

03. White girls cater to and love to take care of their men. Cooking? No problem. Cleaning? No problem. Anything else you want? No problem.

02. You ever receive head from a white girl? I rest my case.

Which all really sums up my number 1 reason black guys prefer white women:

01. White girls are just more FUN. There’s no other way to put it. If you just want to have fun without any of the negative shit, get you a white girl.


All stuff we’ve heard before, right? And black women are to do what, exactly with this information? Go die? Relegate ourselves to brood mares for black men so we can raise more sons to hate us and date and marry non-black women? Well, not if this blogger has anything to say about it.

In response to this tacky but “You know it’s true that they think that post,” Kia and Brenda found this little gem from MISSJIA:

I decided to write this blog after a blog link Cupid Shuffled it’s way across my timeline on Twitter. I immediately rolled my eyes after noticing the post was titled “Officially Ice’s 10 Reasons Black Guys Prefer White Girls”. This is a topic that’s discussed on Twitter damn near every day; why Black men feel White women are superior to… “other races”. After reading the blog, I decided to write a response. I thought to myself, “I wonder how Black men would react if the tables were turned?”, so here goes. Feelings will be hurt, feathers will be ruffled, fucks will not be given.

10. White men take care of their women. Not just emotionally, but financially, too. A lot of Black men come from broken homes and were raised by single mothers. They never saw a man helping their mother out financially, so they don’t see why they should help their woman out financially. To them, seeing a woman struggle is normal. They have that “my mother worked fifteen jobs to make ends meet, why can’t you?” mentality. White men on the other hand are more generous. Nine times out of ten, their woman doesn’t even have to ask for help, they just do it because that’s what real men do.

9. White men have family values. It’s not often that you’ll see White men with eleventeen “baby mamas” all over the place, unlike “other races”… oh, fuck it, unlike BLACK MEN. White men usually come from two parent homes. They grew up seeing their parents in loving marriages and with siblings that all have the same mother and father, and that’s what they one day hope to have.

8. White men know how to manage money. White men aren’t flashy. If you’re looking for a man with fantastic money management skills, get you a White man. White men believe in creating a nest egg or a cushion to fall back on. A White man will save, invest and grow his money. Most Black men don’t even have a savings account… but they got them J’s, though.

7. White men prefer that their woman stays home and will do anything to create a comfortable life for her. A White man will work hard to provide for his lady and his family so that they never want or need for anything. Black men aren’t having that. Again, you’re dealing with men who grew up seeing their mothers busting her ass to make ends meet. They never saw their mother as the “homemaker” or housewife… even if ever became a Wife, she probably didn’t have the luxury of not working and just taking care of home. With a White man, you have options. They love women that are ambitious and want to make her own money, so if she wants to work, she can… if not, that’s cool too. A White man can usually provide for himself and his woman, so her not wanting to work is never a problem. Also, White men are generous. They love to spoil their woman with anything her heart desires, unlike Black men who are usually asking their woman for money to get the latest sneakers.

6. White men know that there are ways to make a lot of money legally. You won’t catch a White man hugging the block or in the “trap”, unlike Black men who only aspire to become a rapper, ball player or drug dealer because those are the only occupations the men they admire have. White men go and get an education for themselves and eventually go on to pursue six figure careers. CAREERS. Not jobs, not hustles, CAREERS.

5. White men are very easy going and laid back. You won’t have to worry about getting smacked down to the ground because you two have a disagreement. You won’t be called out of your name or belittled for having a backbone.

4. White men are gentlemen. These days, Black men meet a woman and within a week, they’re trying to invite themselves over to her house (because they can’t have company at their mama’s house) and fuck. White men court the woman they desire. They will come to your door with flowers instead of texting you “come outside”, they will open the car door for you, take you out for a night on the town, bring you back home and will be satisfied with just that. They usually date to find their Wives and aren’t just trying to get a nut, so there’s no rush to get into your panties.

3. White men cater to their women. Waking up to breakfast in bed is nothing out of the ordinary. And while we’re on the subject of food, White men have no problem cooking for their woman. If she’s tired and says “Baby, can you please make dinner tonight?”, it’s not a problem. Men of “other races” are used to being babied, especially since most of them don’t leave the nest until they’re almost thirty. They don’t care if you had a long day, you better get in there and fry him the big piece of chicken.

The hilarity ensues in the comments section, so you must take a look. It’s nice to see that black women are finally waking up to the fact that some of them are being played. Yes; we can bemoan about why black men and women seem to hate each other’s guts right now, but what’s the fun in that? Ladies on the fence, stop holding your breath for your ideal BLACK man, and open your heart to an ideal MAN.
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