Gender Conflict

Wait…WHET?! Azealia Banks Dates White Guys? Is She Not Allowed to Complain of Black Men Now?

Now…I didn’t see this coming.

Looks like Azealia Banks dates white men, and prefers to do so over black men.



I would have never guessed. Humans are complicated, are they not?

What I found interesting is the response Clutch had about this:

It’s always interesting to hear why someone chooses to not date their own race. By interesting, I mean sad. Date, mate with whomever you want, but keep your asinine reasons and self-hate to yourself.


It’s kind of hilarious that this media outlet was, by their own admission, rooting for Azealia until she admitted she didn’t have a preference for black men.

Personally, I think Azealia is way too mercurial and has some growing up to do. But here’s where she has my support–she has every right to speak out about injustice and racial issues. Just because she dates non-black men doesn’t mean she’s not black anymore.


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