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Want Creamy (Yet Firm) Thighs? This Yoga Pose is for You!

The thighs are one of the largest muscles in the body. Aging and inactivity cause the muscles to slack and fat to pucker. If you’re not trying to go out like that, you should try this set of high lunges. Sink down low on one leg with your arms extended (1). Pause for three to five seconds. Then slowly raise up to straight legs and lower the arms (2). Rinse and repeat until you feel the burn (3)! But don’t give up too soon–commit to doing sets of 10, then work up to 15, then 20.


If you’re desiring to get serious about your fitness but don’t have the time or funds to commit to the gym, consider Acacia TV. I’ve been reviewing the fitness dvd’s from the company for years, and they product quality content that WILL transform your body. Many of the videos they company sells are featured on the channel, and you can watch anywhere you have a wifi connection. Here’s a few of my favorite instructors:

Shiva Ray (amazing yoga workouts)
Exhale Core Fusion
Ballet Body Series

I own and have used all of these workouts, and not to brag…I don’t look too shabby. Check it out! Click here to sign up.

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