Swirling Singles

Do White Men Who Swirl Prefer Darker Skinned Naturalistas?

A little something me and my writing partner noticed while doing promotion for SWIRLING was that most (bordering on all) of the white guys we saw with black women where booed up with dark girls with natural, kinky ‘fros. As someone who’s been in this domain for quite some time, I’d say it’s there’s  a slight edge for the darker chicks, but overall, not be much. I’m not sure what the reasons are for this, but my pal, Kola Boof, who just recently married a rainbeau said this on my Facebook page: “MOST of the White men marrying Black women do tend to marry dark skinned women. No matter what state or city you’re in, this is something that Black women notice and have been talking about for over 10 years.”

Could this be because darker black women are more readily available and open to swirling because of the festering colorism heirarchy in Blackistan? *holds finger to mouth and ponders*

“One thing for sure….Black women (of all complexions) seem to have a better shot with the Best Quality White Men….whereas only the Light skinned girls have a shot with Black men. White men who like Black women are less colorstruck,” says Kola.

Check out this video I did an interracial couple in New York last summer. Chica is lucky as heck…dude is hot-hot-hot!


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