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Why Every Woman Should Have Her Own Signature Fragrance


Nothing says “I’m a feminine woman” like wearing a good perfume. The best fragrances work with your own body chemistry to give off just a whiff and a hint of a promise for more. There’s literally thousands of perfumes, and it’s sometimes hard to pick the right one for you. But when you find her, you just know. Relationship experts also attest to the power of perfume–the lingering scent will have your quarry missing you and craving for more.

Whenever you meet someone, his specific shampoo or perfume fragrance lasts in your mind even in his absence. So, here comes the first trick of how make him miss you. Simply, wear your signature fragrance whenever you meet your guy. Always remember that guys are fascinated by beautiful body odor. So, if you smell good, he will keep thinking about you via that scent whenever you are not around. For doing this, use the top-notch quality of perfume, shampoo, body lotion, etc. Imagine yourself resting on his shoulder or chest, and leaving behind your beautiful scent on his body. This feeling will keep you alive in his heart and mind round the clock!

With all the many fragrances I could ever choose from, my signature is JOY. It was created in 1929 by a Frenchman named Jean Patou. It takes 10,000 jasmine flowers and 12 dozen roses to make just one bottle of the stuff. It also contains other flowers, so it doesn’t really smell like any specific one, and the formula hasn’t changed…ever. It’s so good, it was voted “Scent of the Century,” and even beat out Chanel No 5.

I remember being about four or five in church and smelling some deaconess dressed in bright pink and a flamboyant hat wearing what I would later learn was JOY, and during my teen and young adult years, I would attribute the scent as “the church lady perfume.” I wasn’t going to wear it.

Decades later I would revisit JOY in a Stein Mart while considering a purchase for the latest Dolce Y Gabbana fragrance. Just for kicks I sprayed a little JOY on my wrist and rubbed it in. I didn’t sniff right away, to give it time to mix and meld with my own scent and oils to really be able to process the output.

Five minutes later in the lingerie section, I took a sniff. It was heavenly–not like a church lady AT ALL. Just a smooth, subtle experience, completely and wholly girly. What I learned later was that less is more with this formula. Too much and you WILL smell like the church lady. The secret is to spray ONCE on the wrist, rub it in and then rub on your chest and along your neck. And if you think you’re going to have any action later in the evening, spritz just once between your upper thighs. That’s it. No more than two sprays!!

About the cost–yes, an ounce of the stuff will run you about $60. But at only two sprays, this will last you forever. The bottle you see in the photograph is two years old.

I wear JOY so much now it seems like a violation to wear anything else. It’s totally me.

Do you have a fragrance that’s totally you? Dish!

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