Gender Conflict

Why the “Fetishizing” Argument is Such an Insult to Black Womanhood

It has to be said.

The whole concept of the mass hysteria of black female “fetishization” is a psychological tactic that is being used to keep black women from dating non-black men, and visa versa. Here’s how:

  • Fetishization makes black women fearful of dating non-black men, and is a method to knock a “black beauty standard.” (more on this later.
  • It plants the idea that non-black men are somehow aberrant and defective in some way if they express interest in a black woman, because HEY! WHO THE HELL WOULD EVER WANT A BLACK WOMAN! Even their own men don’t want them!
  • It keeps non-black women (white women particularly) at the top tiers of the infamous and fuck-tarded totem pole, with black women propping up everyone else.

A post in another thread about how Maxi (my oldest) was shaded by a Latina girl who couldn’t for the life of her understand why her ex-boyfriend was dating my daughter inspired the need to just get this out.

I swear this attitude right here is ultimately what leads to most the accusations of non-black men “fetishizing” Black women. The idea generally associated with a “fetish” in most other areas is that you are abnormally attracted to something that the average person wouldn’t be attracted to very much or at all. Put the idea out there hard enough that non-black men shouldn’t be attracted to Black women and then you can accuse all the men that still claim to prefer them of fetishizing them, putting a further wedge between them.

Some white ladies somewhere must have been the first ones pushing this, just helps keep them on top.

Yes I know there are some creepy dudes out there that live up to all the things they say about men fetishizing certain women, but they aren’t as common as some people would have you believe. The vast majority of men who show interest or even have a preference for Black women are simply acting on their completely NORMAL attraction to attractive females that meet the particular standards of their most desired mate. That is NOT a fetish.

I’ve wanted to thank Christelyn for being one of the few people I have seen pushing back against the near universal claim that non-black men are out there fetishizing Black women at all times.

But by far, the BIGGEST leaders of the Black Female Fetish Hysteria are also the biggest minority proponents for the white supremacist beauty standard–BLACK PEOPLE. It is BLACK PEOPLE who can not, for the life of them, understand why a nonblack man would want ‘THEIR’ women. To want such a woman, if you are not black, must mean you’re a freak or a weirdo. In a community mired with colorism and hair texture-ism, we lead the charge in the befuddlement of non-black men CHOOSING to date and marry dark-skinned, kinky-haired women with clearly afrocentric features.

Not only that, but many of us ELEVATE non-black women to being BETTER than us. In short, our “own” men don’t think dark skinned, kinky haired women are WORTH the pursuit, so why on earth would a man at the top of the economic and social food chain choose to “lower” himself in such a way as to love a black woman?! Clearly something must be off, right? Riiiight.

Again, we have to examine WHO BENEFITS (Qui Bono) from the idea that men (including black men) who love and covet the dark, distinctive features of a fully black woman are somehow mentally defective.

Take a guess who that might be. This is a pop quiz.Young couple naked Man and woman in love kissing

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