Your Humble Hostess Calls Foul On Ancient New Papa, Robert De Niro

Yes; I know you love him. I do too. And yes; I know he loves the sisters. But I just have to call foul on DeNiro’s latest news: At 68 years old and more than qualified for AARP, he and his wife, Grace Hightower have welcomed a seven-pound baby girl via surrogate.

*blank, vacuous stare*

Dude now has six kids by three different women. And you know what? “The actor has been widely quoted as saying he liked the “Italian thing” about families –togetherness,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Uh, Robert, do I-tal-ians have babies when they’re old as Methuselah, too? Not a little red in the cheek about the fact that your 40-year-old daughter has a new-born sister she could be a grandmother to? Where in Italy they do dat at?

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