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EarthJeff: Swirling on Planet Earth Part 9: “The Ride Continues”

Ah, how enjoyable a warm and loving relationship can be.  I am not trying to be sappy or anything, but it is just so awesome to love and be loved.  Bee and I were just this morning discussing how nice it is to have somebody that appreciates you and all you do for them.  It may be small little things, but no matter how big or small they are appreciated.  When I see her after work and stop by her place for a while, she feeds me.  She doesn’t have to.  I don’t expect her to automatically cook me dinner.  She has her hands full being sure the kids are fed as well.  But I do not ever take this for granted.  I appreciate everything she does for me.  It may be as simple as doing her nails pretty and when I compliment her on them and she says “I wanted them to look nice for you”.  Wow.  She is always so sweet to me.  The other day she had my car during the day and she took a few moments to clean it out (yes…. I am one of those who accumulate stuff in the car…) for me, not because it drives her nuts but because she wanted to do something nice for me.  Some days when I see her in the morning before I get to school she hands me a Diet Mountain Dew just because she knows I like them.  Often she will caress my hand just because she knows I like that (and I do likewise.. ).  It works both ways, too.  Sometimes I will stop by the store and get her a new shirt or something like that to wear.   I love to rub her shoulders or back (Ok, her buns too.. they often get a quick rub or little loving pat.  Or is this blog “G” rated and I cant admit that openly?) because I just know how much she likes that.  When we go to the movie she likes me to hold her scarf for her by draping it over my shoulders (I may have mentioned a few of these before in other posts) so it is not lost and it is easy for her to grab when the movie is over and it is time to go.  OK, not very manly, sitting there with some floral woman’s accessory on my shoulder.  So what?  I go to the store with her and carry her “embarrassing” items to the register.  She loves to have me rub lotion on her dry spots.  The other day she was putting rollers in her hair and asked me to help her, which I gladly did.  I really enjoyed it, and it was very personal and intimate.  Yeah, not very macho, helping a woman do her hair…. Screw macho…. Getting to help my HoneyBee is way more important.  She appreciates all these things that I do for her.  I appreciate all of these things that she does for me.

Even if we disagree – we have had a couple of those – we always be sure to respect and really objectively consider the other’s opinion.  Look, any two people will disagree about something at times.  She and I are really very compatible though, and we always get it resolved between us quickly.  I hate to argue about anything anyway.  We are both really mellow and laid-back.  Personality-wise, we are really alike in many ways.  She is a bit quieter, I am a bit goofier and cornier.  I love to reflect, often, on how different (and I am not just talking race, although that is a big part) we are and yet at the same time just so perfectly compatible.

I do not believe in the concept of “soul mates”.  No offense to those that do, but I just do not believe that there is one other person on the Earth the we are destined to be with that we may or may not get to be with… yada yada yada….  However, I do believe that there are others with whom we can find much love, joy, and happiness if we end up together.  Bee and I love to marvel at how we were brought together.

So when you are dating…. Does that mean that you have to always go out?  No.  We will do an occasional movie (LOVED 42, by the way) or something like that, we will go grab a meal somewhere every now and then (and it is so nice to be out together in public).  But our favorite thing to do is just cuddle on the couch and watch TV together.  Bless her heart, my baby will often sit with me and watch when I want to watch sports (Red Wings… Tigers….  ) as we just hold each other and cuddle.  OK, I am fair, I watch her shows with her as well.  Sometimes she will fall asleep and nap with her head on my shoulder.  Sometimes I take a nap up against her.  We might just be there sitting with our heads against each other.  Many more times I like to nuzzle her head…. Breathe deeply… rub my cheek against her head.  What a perfect date that is.  Especially if we have some diet Mountain Dew (yes, I know… it is just liquid caffeine..) at hand.  People joke sometimes about being a cheap date?  THAT is a cheap date, and yet wonderful.  Heck, even the kids usually leave us alone.

What a wonderful ride…..

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