Friday Funny: Wigs, Weaves and Nap Balls…

One of my readers sent me this email last night and I LMAO…

MAJOR. WIG. SCARE. IN. BED…..He turned to cuddle, but as he was turning, his arm was pulling on my 16” Remi.

Had to pull it real quick & subtly while he wasn’t looking…*phew, OMG!*

OMGGGGG….!!!!!! Plus, the makeup problem is still hilarious lol!

So much work :'(

While I didn’t wear a wig when I was dating The Hubster, I did roll my hair and wore a bonnet that he affectionately called “the mushroom cloud.”

So spill it ladies. Any embarrassing hair-related events happen while you’re playing house with your rainbeau that you’d care to share?

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