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Major Milestone! My 29.5-inch Waist!

Okay ya’ll it’s brag time. Now I can say FOR CERTAIN that the low-carb, low sugar thing-a-ma-jig is working. I started off four weeks about with a 31-inch waist. For someone who organicly leans toward an apple shape, that measurement rocks. I’m thisclose to my bikini bod. I only have 1.5 inches to go until my waist is a small as it was when I was in high school. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything lower than 28 inches, so I’m just gonna aim for that and call it a day. HOWEVER, this isn’t, and can not be a “diet.” What would be the point? Do all this work just to gain it back?




Okay, let’s make this a universal brag board. Who’s got some weight-loss/inch loss stories to swap?

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