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New IR Romance: “Coffee and Cream, Kat and Katrina”

Don’t you just love stories about characters who start off hating each other and gradually build an insatiable attraction?

A debut novel by an author with the pen name, “Sepia,” Coffee and Cream, Kat and Katrina, is a story about Kat Bautista, a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer who knows who he is and what he wants. Katrina Jones is a professional photographer on assignment to photograph him for a magazine spread. She finds him arrogant and it is not long before he is under her skin. He finds her presumptuous and it is not long before the annoyance is mutual. The one thing they cannot deny is the need and desire they have towards each other despite the personality conflict. Both strong-willed and determined to have their own way, can they keep their passions in check and keep it professional?

The fun is in finding out.

It’s a quick and entertaining read, and is getting rave reviews on Amazon so far.

Reading this book, I fell in love the Kat.. Sepia did her homework with this one.. She captured what every woman in the world wants in a relationship. The emotion between the characters was intense. The descriptive manner in which this story was told made me feel every emotion felt by the characters…

I look forward to more from Sepia…


This is such a fun and reflective read! I so enjoyed the setup and the romantic energy of Kat and Katina. It’s smart and pulls you into the intricate details of the their very different lives. I found the relationship connection to be unusual and I like being surprised. I really enjoyed reading Coffee and Cream! I can’t wait for part II. Thus, this is a great book to read with a cup of coffee for a personal and private escape. It’s just full of fantasy fun!


Intrigued? Buy the book here.51CpwVKre0L


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