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Why Saying, “I’ma Git Me a White Man!” Will Probably Ensure You Won’t Get One.

I was reading an interracial dating forum a couple days ago with the headline topic, “Romantic Resolutions.” The writer was basically asking what the readers might do differently in 2013 to get the love they want. Most of the responders said the typical stuff–go out more, dump time-wasting losers, lose weight to increase prospects. But there was one woman who boldly wrote, “I’MA GIT ME A WHITE MAN!”

Besides the really atrocious grammar, there’s a few problems with saying this phrase. Commonly, women who say this are 1) seeking to engage in an interracial relationship as “payback” because she’s exasperated by the treatment she’s been receiving from the black men she’s been dating 2) is only doing so as an experiment until the black man who will “ack right” comes along, and 3) Has probably not been socially exposed to many white people. Whether it’s one of these reasons or all three, black women with this attitude don’t make good partners in the interracial dating game. I’ll even go so far to say that black women who come to the fore with this attitude will not attract a man of quality–white, black, yellow, green or purple.

These women will also be more likely to say, “Black men are…[insert something negative here]” to their dates because after all, this is a protest dating experiment, and how many protesters do you know that don’t constantly complain about their station to anyone who will listen? And trust me on this–the “I’MA GIT ME A WHITE MAN!” woman is a serious rainbeau’s worst nightmare. It’s cool if it’s only a physical thing, but most men won’t and don’t want to get their hearts involved with a woman who’s just using him as a bed warmer until her IBM comes along.

Why “Protest Dating” Never Works

The black man who says, “I’MA GIT ME A WHITE WOMAN!” is doomed in the same way a black woman who says it. You’re acting out of anger and exasperation, which isn’t very self-empowering. We here at BB&W are very familiar with the black, male “protest daters,” because they’ll often go in public with their white girlfriends or wives and try to goad black women into some sort of negative response. Most black women won’t be so combative, but she might be responsive when she gets hit on by the ego-bruised black guys who will holler at her just to make sure they are *still* her first choice.

Lack of Decorum

To go into an interracial dating site and boldly say, “I’MA GIT ME A WHITE MAN!” is in such poor taste that you just gave away how low your social intelligence quotient is, and you’ll most likely NEVER “git” any white man of quality because you just revealed that this guy can’t take you anywhere. What if some dude came into this blog and said, “White women suck! I’MA GIT ME A BLACK WOMAN!!” He’d be run out of this joint before he could type the third exclamation point.

Think of other ways to express your interest in dating the rainbeau, please and thank you.

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