Review: The SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills…For A Taste of ‘New Hollywood’

The Hubster and I decided that we’d spend the weekend in his old haunt, Beverly Hills, for his birthday last weekend and decided to throw caution to the credit card and stay at the five-star SLS Hotel, and I’m soooo glad I did, because I saw more celebrities in one afternoon than I had in my entire life.

Michael Douglass

But at the SLS, it’s just another day in a city chock full of stars. Some guests checked in and were so bold that they just sat on the gorgeous front porch and just waited to accost their favorite stars for autographs, and of course most of the celebs were gracious and accommodating. And if you’re a guest at this swanky place, you might slip into a temporary delusion that you, are indeed a celebrity too.

Now it you go over to Yelp and check the reviews for this place, you’ll find they’re mixed, and as a California native I can understand why–a lot of folks just don’t get it. It’s a cultural thing. The SLS Beverly Hills appeals to “New Hollywood,” the younger, Kimmy K crowd, but with some remnants of the old guard coming around so they’ll stay relevant. The staff is polite, but not obsequious, which I think might bother people. They have what I call the “L.A. affect” and some folks like it, but others will hate it. It’s just how it is. But if you want to go to a place to see and be seen, this is THE place.



The rooms at the SLS are a metaphor for Hollywood culture. It’s all about the beautiful people, what with each wall of smokey mirrors to ensure you see yourself and, uh…your…co-guest from every angle imaginable. My advice? Don’t think you’re ugly because you might cry in your wine (or whine). There’s no arguing that despite it’s 360-degree angle of your ass, the place is amazeballs.

Here’s an example of the place’s thoughtfulness. I told the staff that we were staying here to celebrate The Hubster’s birthday and upon walking in, this little bit of deliciousness was waiting for us. Thank the gods it was my cheat day.


SLS_2That’s not two beds. That’s the wall of mirrors I just told you about.

Be comfortable with whomever you’re staying with because the bathroom, enclosed by a wall of smokey mirrors, isn’t exactly….soundproof. It’s also all mirrors, except for the gigantic shower with the gorgeous slate floor, big enough for two. Or five.

SLS_3Fancy huh? The SLS bathroom. In case you forget your facial cleanser, worry not! You can buy a whole new line for $800. Just kidding. But the facial cleanser really is $50, which is about right for the higher-end stuff. As the bed goes, it’s quite comfy and they passed my “buttsheet test,” short for “sheets like butter.”

The Bazaar

Don’t expect to be able to pronounce much on the menu, but that’s not such a worry because everything, EVERYTHING on it is delicious. They present the service “topas” style, so you get small plates of whatever you order one after the other. The Hubster is a “foodie” so he was like a candy addict on Halloween with every dish presented. It looked good, and tasted better.


Best Brussels sprouts I’ve ever had in my life. MY LIFE.

SLS_foodSauteed shrimp…

SLS_jicamaThinly sliced jicama to wrap around the best dang guacamole ever!!

Here’s us, fat and happy after eating.









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