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Stuff I Bet You Don’t Know that You SHOULD Know Before You Have Your First Date

Dating Guru Matthew Hussey 17/11/09

Matthew Hussey is about the most brilliant (and gorgeous) relationships coach I’ve ever met, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my friend. He’s really good. I stumbled upon an old video he did back in 2009 in which you can see a younger but still brillaint Matthew giving some good advice on how to make sure you have an excellent first date, and ensure that guy will leave being totally into you.

Matthew suggests:

–Don’t take too long to get ready for a date. The longer you prep, the more nervous you get.

–Get physical right from the start. Give you date a hug, a high-five, a touch on the shoulder.

–Let him be the man. Let him feel needed and chivalrous.

–Don’t spend time worrying about awkward silences. Let the silence pass without worrying about filling the space up.

–No complaining! No whining! Make a positive impression and don’t moan about your life. Remember you’re selling yourself!

–Laugh through the date. It’s a great way to break the tension. Guys like women that make them feel funny. He’ll have more attraction for you.

–Let every part of your personality shine through.

–Don’t talk about your ex! Even if he asks, he really doesn’t want to know.

–Make eye contact. When he’s speaking, stare deeply into his eyes.

–Make the date short and sweet. Leave him wanting more!

–Most importantly, RELAX!


Want more? Visit Matthew Hussey’s web site here.



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