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Three Exercises and a Diet Suggestion to Get Your Derrière Bikini Ready!



Yes, this is my derrière. I’m no Kim Kardashian, but I make do with what the gods have granted!

I’ve been undergoing my own “butt lift challenge” since January, and I’ve made enough progress to feel comfortable sharing it with all of you. I’m doing three separate sets of exercises to target the full gluteal area: squats, kick ups, and the dog-pee pose (lol I don’t know what else to call it, but picture a dog peeing, and that’s the movement.)


Squats will work the whole butt area, but will give you that little lift right at the base of your buttocks. I do about 25-50 squats three times per week and use eight pound weights. When I do them, I try to really SQUEEZE my glutes on the way back up. Squats also work your front thighs, and will give you a more hourglass look.




This exercise works the midportion of the buttocks and helps you get that pop! It also works the back of your thighs, which is often a problem area for us ladies. No sense having a nice bottom if your thighs are sagging, is it? I do two sets of 25 of this exercise, and soon I’ll be adding ankle weighs to intensify my workout.


weights will intensify your workout and give you a continuous challenge


Everyone knows what a dog does when he passes a fire hydrant. Mimic that action and you’ll be activating the outer side of your glutes. I do two sets of 25 on each leg and will soon add weights to this too. It’s important to consistently challenge yourself with these exercises, ladies. If it becomes easy to do 25 reps, keep adding more. You want to feel a bit sore. You want to experience muscle fatigue. It’s the fatigue that builds up the muscles.

Which leads me to my final recommendation–up your protein! Make sure you’re consuming protein shakes, nuts, lean meats, etc., so your body has the building blocks for a poppin’ bottom!

Here’s a great article I found on other workouts for this muscle as well. Feel free to add some of your favorite sites and You Tube videos in the comments below!

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