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Time to Get Real About Protecting Black Women from HIV and Other STD’s

Last week when I did a video about a fan of mine who’s bestie was a gay male with HIV practicing unsafe sex practices, we got a troll from the usual suspect.

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Go on You Tube and you’ll find a multitude of hateful men claiming black women are walking, talking sexually transmitted disease carriers. The want to give the world the impression that black women are promiscuous whores hellbent on spreading plague throughout the community and beyond. The truth of it is much different. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at this piece of news:

This man is an absolute monster. But he’s hardly an anomaly. Statistics show that it is indeed black men who are infecting black women with these horrible diseases, and the only fault is our bone-headed trust we have in sexual partners by just taking folks’ word for it. The woman also had a baby with this man without benefit of marriage; such totally backwards behavior that reflects how low some black women’s expectations are. Again, this isn’t not an irregular occurrence.

I just got this letter from a reader today who asked me to keep her anonymous for obvious reasons:

Hi. Due to the serious and very private nature of this email I beg discretion. My name is…well let’s say Amber. I am a 39 year old black female. I have always and I do mean always have been attracted to white men more than black. This has never bothered me nor has it bothered my family. Alas however, I don’t seem to attract white men. Well if they’re 50 or older they seem to adore me. Anyhow like I said I am not approached by white men. As such I met a black man . I married him. We were never happy. Most importantly during the marriage he gave me an incurable non deadly STD. We have  Now to the heart of my message. You receive many correspondences . Is there a web site or something that you are aware of that caters to both interracial and STD . Or have you heard ftom people in my situation?

Breukelen Bleu really broke this down in a recent video. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you do so.

She also attaches a host of links with research to corroborate her claims.

Atlanta now has HIV rates that rival third world African countries. There is really no benefit to black women to deny the truth of what’s really going on. Does this mean I’m telling you that white men can’t give you diseases? Don’t be silly. No matter who you are with it’s imperative you protect yourself. Demand condoms EVERY time until you and your partner get a full battery of tests and you know that they both of you are exclusive.

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