Health and Fitness

Ummm…Yes. That’s Fabio You See Me Feeling Up.

Le sigh! Working to get up-to-date health news is SUCH HARD WORK. So I’ve been working the aisles at the Natural Products Expo and lo and behold, there he was. The guy from the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” commercials, and the object of many vibrator-fueled women’s fantasies who read those Harlequin romance novels. He’s now got a new line of health products called Healthy Planet Nutrition. But they didn’t even have any samples! I’m thinking, “Dude. Your looks will take you only so far. You’re not gonna sell your stuff to anybody just by smiling pretty. This ain’t no romance book.” Did you check out the site? chee-zee.

I’ve got to admit the guy is gorgeous. Tall, muscle-y, and (kinda) full of himself. I observed him macking on some chick young enough to be his daughter. Meh. At least he was nice enough to smile the Cannon.


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