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Video: Matthew Hussey Schools You On How to Meet 10 Guys a Week

I can’t tell you how many stories I get on email and via our fan page from women who want to meet quality men but don’t or won’t do the “work” it takes to make it happen. So many black women have been indoctrinated into believing that if they just pray and think good thoughts about magical rainbows and fairy dust, God will deliver their man via FedEx Ground. Newsflash: It NEVER happens like that. You have to do SOMETHING.

But what you “do” won’t mirror that of what men do. No lady, you’re gonna pull that play and throw like a girl!!

Think about those dudes on the street corner that talk to any old body until someone gives into their (lack of) charm. They are simply playing the numbers. If they talk to enough women there’s bound to be some stool pigeon willing to peck the birdseeds from their hands. But here’s what you do different: you’re not going to stand at the street corner like some unemployed loser. You’re going to go about your day doing the same thing with one key difference: you’re going to make it your business to speak to at least one guy a day you don’t know. Scared yet?

It’s really not that hard, and my pal Matthew Hussey broke it down for us. Take a look and listen…

Matthew Hussey: How to Talk to 10 Guys in One Week Without Looking Desperate! from Christelyn Karazin on Vimeo.

Let’s make this interactive. If one of you ladies knows the scoop on how to engage in fruitful stranger conversation, share it in the comments section and I’ll send one of you a some shimmering face and body powder, courtesy of Urban Decay. That way you can keep one macking with a healthy glow.


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