Gender Conflict

Video: Sick of the Double Standards When Black Women Swirl!!!

I just got this note from a fan of my You Tube channel…

CK I have a video request I like for you to talk about. I been crying because I am soo deeply hurt by this issue. This topic has been bothering me along with other black women. Well here it goes….Yesterday I went out to the movies and dinner with my boo (white man I been seeing for a few months) and these black men were making comments about my hair talking about I’m trying to straighten my hair like a white woman and calling me a Negro bedwench. My date (white guy) jumped to my defense and said “You can not speak about black women trying to look like white women when there are white women out here walking around with fake butts and fake boobs trying to look like black women.” The weird part about this situation was that the black man was with a white woman and she had a fake butt and fake boobs. My date and I left after we were finished with our dinner. On our way driving home my date could tell i was still bothered by the black man comments about my hair. I know I should be natural and I usually am natural but I decided to wear my hair straight whats the big deal? I wanted to switch up my hair do. I think women have that right to wear their hair as they choose. My date asked me this question….” Why do black men criticize black women for wearing straight hair accusing them of looking like a white woman but black men love white women with black women features like big butts and big boobs. Why are white women with black women features considered sexy but black women with white women features is considered ugly. For example Kim kardashian, Iggy, Nicole Austin all have fake big asses but black men love them and worship their fake asses. Gabrielle Union, Rapper Eve, Serena Williams all wear weaves and straight hair but black men hate them and claim they are copying white women calling them hairhats but black men don’t think white girls with fake asses are trying to look like black women. Please stare your thoughts on this. Is this hypocrisy and contradiction or what?

I was so mad I could spit. Here’s my response.


And folks wonder why we talk about black men…maybe if they’d leave us the $#@$% alone…

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