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Younger Rainbeaus, Older You: A New Trend?

Have you noticed that in the wild, wacky world of You Tube you hear a lot of, well, losers complaining (!) about not knowing how old women are these days, what with all the exercising, healthy eating and skin care *cough* plastic surgery *cough* innovations in the recent decade? I mean, look at Iman. What is she, a hundred?

Speaking of ancient, anyone see how great Nicole Kidman looked on the Golden Globes last night?

This lady has had a MAJOR overhaul, but you gotta admit, chica looks bonita.

Which leads me to my next observation–black women (mostly) age beautifully. While our oily skin could be used as an alternative fuel source, Mother Nature does give us a break with the whole no-wrinkle thing. Now the weight issue…well…we still need to work on that.

So with everyone looking so hawt in their thirties, forties and fifties, and you’re only as old as you feel jazz, are any of you dating younger rainbeaus? And is it just me, but have you noticed that younger men are panting over women five, ten, and even twenty years older than them? I have a 19-year-old European Facebook friend, 6’3, adorable, and speaks three languages and lives with his parents who has crushed HARD on me since the day I friended him. (Don’t worry; The Hubster knows. I know some of you were worried, huh? We laugh at it.) I ask him what he sees in a woman who could have breastfeed him, and he replies in typical puppy-love fashion: “You don’t look old enough to be my mother.” Something has indeed changed. If a man old enough to be my father expressed any interest at all in my I would have been totally repulsed. And then would have told my daddy so he could have open a can of WHOOP ARSE on him.

I love the idea of old black women dating younger rainbeaus–some of them may have just discovered that they could entertain this option, and to date a youngin’ a decade or so younger than you probably stirs a sense of excitement and dare I say, pleasure, in the whole interracial love experience. Maybe it’s like when old dudes have a mid-life crisis and date their daughter’s college room mates, just without the whole “creepiness” aspect.

The more I think about it, the more it does my heart proud to see a forty-something fit and fly black woman doing a dating re-do, especially if she wasted her twenties and thirties doing the bidding of the GAT-DL (for all the newbies, GAT-DL is an acronym for the Guardians of All Things Dark & Lovely, or the black people police.)


Anyone swirling with jail bait?

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