How Caterpillars are Like Your Crazy Uncle Larry and Other Tips I’ve Learned to Deal with Pests

Come September, it will be the first year of earnestly trying to grow greens in my garden. While it has mostly been a tremendous pleasure and abundantly rewarding,it has not come without it’s challenges. I’ve had to learn the hard way about failing to recognize when my plants are being attacked by pests, fungi or diseases could cost me. Having only a limited amount to space in my backyard, I can’t afford to “let nature take it’s course.” Gardening in small spaces can be done well, but understand that all the closeness can be a shelter and harbor for entities that are determined to do your plants harm. The following video below is about which bugs in my garden have caused the most damage, as well as tips on how to control and even prevent infestations.

The main culprits:
Powdery mildew
Aphids Cabbage worms

Find out what I’m using to ensure that I get first dibs on the food I’ve worked so hard to grow.

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