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Ever Been Too Embarrassed to Go Out with Your Rainbeau?

Robin Thicke is straight ratchet. He says in an interview with Howard Stern that he smokes weed all day long. With a kid. Not to be all judge-y but..for reelz??! Yes; he’s hot, but would you trust your toddler to play with his toddler??

Listen for yourself here:

Okay with that out of the way, Mr. Thicke brought up in this interview that his wife, Paula Patton, didn’t bring him to the prom 20 years ago because he is white and she was president of the Black Student Union at the time. I suppose the beautiful Paula (BTW, I had NO IDEA she was black until she told us she was) thought that she somehow would be seen as a hypocrite or disengenous because she was in love with a white guy.

That reminds me of a time that I mentioned in SWIRLING, when The Hubster picked me up from an all-black hair salon for a date, and when he walked in to get me the entire shop seemed to pause–kind of like those scenes on TV when eveyone stops what they’re doing and the record scratches. I could almost feel the eyes burning through the back of my head, and I could hear all those telepathic messages about me being a betrayer of my race for daring go on a date with Mr. Charlie’s 150-year-old foreman, who is also OBVIOUSLY a vampire. I hustled him out as fast as I could, before somebody in the GAT-DL patrol fixed their mouths to call us out.

Nobody likes to be singled out and judged for their choice in a mate. A white person might refuse you service or rebuff you for “sullying the purity of the Aryans,” but a black person just might get spotlights and a sound engineer so EVERYBODY knows they think you’re a sell out.

But guess what? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Just because I’m married to a white guy doesn’t mean I’m not black anymore. I kinda think my melanin will stay put right where it is until the day I die.

These days, Paula’s pretty pround to go around town with her hot-looking husband.

Boy. What a difference 20 years makes, huh?

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