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Health: New Report Says We’re STILL Fat. But Guess Who’s the Fattest By a Mile?

I awoke this morning to CNN lady announcing a teaser about new obesity news. The anchor said something like, “Stay tuned for new stats on obesity!” basically commanding me to watch commercials for Nordic Trak and Jenny Craig. Geez, haven’t these people heard of Google? Sorry news folks. That teaser doesn’t work when I can simply open the Mac that has recently been surgically attached to my lap and find out what the heck you’re hinting to.

Oh yes; fat news.

Well, turns out new CDC data says obesity rates in the U.S. are unchanged, since last they checked, and hovering around 35%. If there was a change, it’s that men are also getting chubby too.

But guess which racial group is the fattest? Just guess.

Cynthia Ogden from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and her colleagues found that between 35 and 36 percent of both men and women were obese. While obesity rates in men were similar across races, that wasn’t the case in women: 32 percent of white women were obese, compared to almost 59 percent of black women.

What the cuss. Look at the difference between the obesity rates of black women and white women. And please. Before you give me that patooey about black women being bigger body types, save it. They measured BMI: Body Mass Index, or Biggin’ McDonald’s Ingestion.

EEEEE–gaaaad!! at that photo. Yes, I know she’s white. But I just thought I’d best any posters who feel they need to enlighten me that non-black women are fat too. I am, indeed aware of that.

Ladies, no more excuses. This is unacceptable. Nobody is asking you to start trolling anorexia sites or anything, but unhealthy weight is inconsistent with our philosophy, is it not? We encourage women to live their best lives, and tell me, how can you do that if you’re too rotund to fit into the window of opportunity?

And, let’s face it. To some degree ALL women COMPETE with other women for the best crop of men. It’s like, a rule or something. I know some people don’t like it when I say this, but if your BMI is half your IQ, you are seriously hampering your romantic opportunities. And if you just think it’s rainbeaus who like them fit, you’d be wrong. MOST men, regardless of race want a fit woman–even those men who happen to be part of the 35% obese. And you know what? Fat’s not sexy on them either, but women are a lot more forgiving about a few extra pounds than men are. Doesn’t make it right–just makes it what it is.

Does anyone think they should get to be partner at a law firm with a paralegal degree? If you were selling a home that 10 people wanted, would you grant the sale to the lowest bidder? Dating and mate selection works in much the same way. It’s a competition, folks, like it or not.

Guys, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a nag about this. I’m not going to give you the PC version of why I want you fit, because you already know it. I’m going to break it down plain:

BWE women are competing on a global platform, PERIOD. I really, really, REALLY want to stop seeing so much resistance and excuse making about this. We don’t live in Opposite Land. We have to deal within the confines of reality.

That’s why I dedicate many stories on this blog to health and exercise. There is simply no way you can reasonably debate this topic. Well, I guess you can, and maybe all that screaming, rapid-fire typing and hair pulling might burn a few calories, so go right ahead and try.

Bottom line: If you don’t want to get healthy, then don’t complain that you have to stick yourself with needles everyday to live. If you don’t want to compete, then don’t complain about being lonely.

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