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“It Happened When…” Rainbeaus Dish About When They First Crushed

When exploring the idea of preference when it comes to swirling, I’ve had a hunch that physical preference for a particular phenotype is often tied to positive emotions and interactions in childhood. Oh; and I’m sure there’s some research-y stuff to support that too. So I posed the question, and here’s what I got:

Will Richards:

There were a few black celebrity women that I found to be attractive when I was a kid. Donna Summer, the lone black girl Solid Gold dancer. There were a few black girls that were in my mom's Girl Scout troop that grew up into attractive women when in High School. But I never acted on my attraction to black women until I joined the Navy. That was 1989 I haven't been with any other woman since.

Andres Lee:

I was at church and saw this stunning BLACK WOMAN. I had to approach her because she stole my heart. The next few years were a whirlwind of adventure and ectasy. By the time I realized what happened she had already turned me out. I was 19.

Nik Warrensson

I was particularly excited a few years ago when one of my students tried to set me up with his mother...she was from the Congo...

Adam Lee Cleghorn

Middle school, when a cute girl was praising my drawing ability and when I met Raven as a kid and I thought she was cute. My dad was playing music for an event she was at.

Jason Hendrix:

Assuming Penny from Good Times doesn't count, then it would be the 7th grade. Mrs. Maddox's pre-algebra class. Sitting one seat over and one seat up from me. Drop dead gorgeous. Even as a 12 year old. Gabrielle Union.

Yes…it was THE Gabrielle Union.

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