Exercise of the Week

Yoga Poses to Trim The Love Handles Right Off

Side plank

Building upon the previous yoga poses to target problem areas, take a gander at how side plank can trim off and tone those love handles.

But it must be said, the BEST way to trim belly fat is through your diet. That means cutting out processed foods, white sugar, white rice and flour and potatoes. You also have to watch your intake of the sugary mixed alcoholic drinks. Oh. No beer either. I drink very dry wines–like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir–but even those have to be consumed in moderation.

So keep in mind that the above demonstration will be of virtually no use to you IF you don’t monitor what’s going on your fork.

How to Do Side Plank Pull Ups

Go into the side plank position, first bearing weight on your right hand. Try to be in a straight, 45 degree angle, with your left foot slightly in front for balance. Raise you left arm, and imagine that a string is pulling your middle slowly up, pause and engage the muscles, and then back into position. Try not to use your arms to lift. Isolate your muscles as much as possible. Do a set of 10, then switch sides.

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